Hi! My name is Kaylyn, and welcome to my blog! This space is intended to be a place for me to put out my thoughts on various things, so expect it to be a hodge podge of ideas and mediums!

I’m aiming to post every Thursday (and Sundays too, maybe?), so make sure you check back in to check out what’s new!

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I can’t go to the dollar store anymore

I can’t go to the dollar store anymore.

I went in just a few weeks ago without even thinking. My sister and I were on a mission to buy cat litter, and I went to the back refrigerator to grab a soda. I wrapped my too-large-for-a-girl hand around an orange bottle and let the door to the case close.

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7 Things to Remember When Writing a College Essay

essay meme

As a disclaimer, I am not an English professor — if anything I’m about to say is not what your specific professor wants, then by all means, don’t do it. I do, however, work as a writing coach on campus, and with classes having started, I’m about to get super busy helping other students edit and write essays. (I have the best job ever.) Continue reading “7 Things to Remember When Writing a College Essay”